The craps tables are where the hooting and hollering is happening at the casino. A hot dice table makes the most commotion and attracts the most attention of any place in the casino. Winning casino craps gets you lots of attention (including from the opposite sex). The excitement of arriving at the craps tables with a few bucks and having the opportunity to walk away with a pocket full of cash is a great rush. When the dealer yells “pay the line,” and you have a stack of chips being sent your way, you feel on top of the world. That sense of potentiality is a great feeling to have.

I would like to add that it is important to take care of the dealers. Dealers are compensated in large part on tips from players. When the table is hot, you should ask the dealers if they would like you to make a bet on their behalf. The other option is to just place a dealer bet right beside you on the pass line. This is proper craps etiquette and contributes to the good karma and winning spirit of the table. You can also just give them a a few chips at the conclusion of your play at the table for the night. The amount of the tip is up to you and usually should depend on factors such as the amount of money you won and the degree to which the dealers helped your play at the table. Did they remind you to place odds and try to assist you where possible ? If so, this should weigh in favor of giving them a nice tip. A true casino winner takes care of everyone since the casino is a service business.

At the craps tables, you must have a positive vibe and promote good karma. The luck necessary to win at casino craps does not take shape when there is animosity between players and/or the dealers. For example, some craps players practice dice mechanics which they believe decrease their chances of rolling that dreaded 7. Many times, this involves rolling the dice easily so that they do not hit the back wall. Dealers will warn you not to do this and instruct you to make the dice hit the back wall. Technically, they can call no roll too. This kind of behavior while it may increase chances of rolling non-7 rolls, it will detract from the karma of the table. Also, some players get nasty with the craps dealers when they believe they have not been paid properly or they feel it is taking too long to be paid. This is bad form and goes back to kindergarten where the teacher told you to play nicely. Casino craps methods, rules, techniques, and tidbits on how to play craps will not win you any money if the atmosphere and hence the luck of the craps table is poor.

We are at the dice tables with a properly backed up pass line bet with a 5 point established. We are following the casino craps technique with the best odds, giving us the best chance to become winners.

The next roll is 11. This means nothing for us since we have only one bet on the table.

Now, we decide to make a come bet by placing a 10 dollar bet in the “come” section of the dice table. Next roll is a 2. We lose our come bet and place another one.

Next roll is a 4. The dealer places the come bet on the 4. We back up that bet with a 20 dollar bet. We now need a 4 or a 5 to win.

Next roll is a 8. This doesn’t matter to us.

Next the shooter rolls a 3. This doesn’t matter to us.

Shooter rolls a 5. Winner! We get 10 dollars for the front line bet. The 20 dollar back up bet we placed pays odds at 3:2. Nice craps table win ! Stay tuned.

Perhaps the best way to discuss casino craps methods and promoting casino winning is to provide a lesson by example. The next few posts will offer a case in point to all those newcomers to the dice tables. We will start fresh: there is no point established and the button is “off.” You are starting with one hundred dollars of chips (20 red chips worth five dollars each). The minimum bet is 10 dollars.

Ten dollar bet is placed on the pass line. The shooter rolls a 7. You win 10 dollars.

You place another ten dollar bet on the pass line. This time the shooter rolls a 12. You lose ten dollars and are now even.

You place another ten dollar bet on the pass line. Shooter rolls a 5. Button goes “on” the 5 signalling that the established point is 5. You wisely “back up” your pass line bet by placing 20 dollars behind it. Now you have some money on the dice table and are hoping to become a casino winner.

We will continue our discussion next post.

Casino Winners know when to walk away when they are up. They hit the dice tables hard when they are hot and are not afraid to leave while they are up. The best casino craps strategy is to smash and grab. This means betting with the casino’s money when the dice table is hot. As soon as the luck or atmosphere turns for the worse, it is time to color up and take your winnings with you. Never “chase it” at a bad table. Chasing it will never make you a winner at the craps tables.
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Now that we discussed the first of two bets we recommend for maximum odds at the dice tables, we will discuss five things the best players never do. While this site is generally a source for casino craps techniques and methods, we will occasionally provide from general tips and warnings for the novice and experience dice players. Here are five warnings:

1. Never chase winning at a cold table.
2. Never be afraid to walk away from the dice table if you have a bad feeling.
3. Never let emotions get in the way of your craps strategy.
4. Never gamble with more than you plan (and can afford) to lose.
5. Never leave a pass line bet without odds behinds it.

We will unpack these components of a winning craps player’s arsenal of techniques in the posts to follow.

When learning how to play craps, it is important to keep in mind a few things not to do at the dice tables as a practical matter. Craps methods and techniques are the most important aspects of playing at the dice tables, but take it from me, there are some pitfalls to avoid. I know since I made a few of these mistakes when I was new to the dice tables.

1. Always be aware of where the shooter is and DO NOT reach across the table and allow the dice to hit your hands. As I found out the hard way, if the dice hit your hands and a 7 is rolled, you will make enemies very quickly. It is very easy to get wrapped up in the craps game and reach over the table. Be careful !

2. When your craps methods and techniques begin to pay dividends and you make a nice win, you may want to cash out. This is called “coloring up.” The process of having the dealer count your chips and cash you out can slow down the game. If the table is hot and you slow down the game, it is considered inconsiderate.

3. Making last minute bets also slows down the game and can interfere with the good karma of the craps table. Have a plan and execute that plan at the dice tables. Don’t be that guy who lacks a craps strategy and slow down the game !

In the middle of the craps table, you will find a large section called “Come.” The best way to describe this bet is a second opportunity to bet the pass line. You can place a come bet when there is a point established already, indicated by the button having “On” facing upwards and covering the point (4,5,6,8,9,10). Unlike a pass line bet, you make this bet when there is a point established.

When you place a come bet, a 7 or 11 wins. A 2,3, or 12 loses. Thus, the best way to think of this bet is as a second chance to place a pass line bet. It is also a nice craps technique since it hedges against a 7 being rolled when you have a pass line bet on the point number. Just like with the pass line bet, you can take odds on your come bet when the dealer places your come bet on the point number.

At this point, we now have a pass line bet. As stated in the last post, this means that we win on a 7 or 11 and lose on a 2,3, or 12. What happens if the shooter rolls a 4,5,6,8,9, or 10 ? Now, the game really begins. If the shooter rolls one of these numbers, let’s say she rolls a 6, your pass line bet only wins if the shooter rolls that 6 again before she rolls a 7. In other words, a 7 means you lose !

Here is the key to the strategy: you are allowed to “back up” your pass line bet. So after the shooter rolls a 6, you can put another bet behind that pass line bet. Let’s say your pass line bet was 10 dollars. Depending on the casino rules, you can put up to 5x (50 dollars) to back up your bet. The reason why this is the best bet in the house is because the casino will give you proper corresponding odds on this bet you place behind the pass line.

So if the shooter rolls a 6, you win. You get even money on the front bet (10) and 6:5 odds on the money you put in the back. Not only is this the best bet on the dice tables, but it is the best in the casino ! Here are the odds which you get on the back, these depend on the point number.

Six and eight pay 6:5
Five and Nine pay 3:2
Four and Ten pay 2:1

This is the core of a winning casino craps technique that gets you as close as you can to having a fair shot at actually beating the casino. This craps method can allow you tap into a hot dice table.

First, I would recommend having a layout of the craps table for your learning experience. A good one can be found at the link below.

When you first start the game, you will see that the “button” on the table has the “off” side facing upwards. This means that you are at the starting point of the game. There has been no “point” established at this time. Place your bet on the pass line. This pass line runs all along the table closest to the players. Once your bet is placed on the pass line, you are now in the game. So long as the button has “off” facing upwards and you have a bet on the pass line here is the game: if a 7 or 11 is rolled, you win; if a 2, 3, or 12 is rolled, then you lose. I will explain phase two of the pass line bet in my next post.

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